Questions & Answers

1.  What is the primary business of your firm?

Our only business is to provide the highest level of Independent Investment Counsel for individuals and families.

2.  Are you registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?

Yes.  Unlike smaller firms that are regulated by the state in which they reside, Harvest Financial Advisors is a federally Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.

3.  How long has Harvest been in business?

Collectively, the management team at Harvest has over 40 years of professional experience.  As a company, Harvest was founded in January of 2008 to serve the needs of affluent individuals and families and it is already one of the preeminent Investment Advisory firms in North America.

4.  How do you prevent conflicts of interest with respect to your advice and recommendations?

The only compensation we receive is for providing investment advice to our clients.  We have no proprietary products so you can be sure our recommendations are unbiased.  We do not earn commissions from trading, eliminating any incentive for excessive portfolio turnover.  To learn more about what fiduciary duty means click here.

5.  I live in a different part of the country from your offices.  Is this a problem?

Twenty years ago the honest answer would be “yes”.  Today, however, we are able to effectively work with clients virtually anywhere in the world… as if we’re next door to them.  Technology has matured to the point that physical separation no longer impedes communication or the flow of information.

6.  How often do you meet with your clients?

Harvest is a highly personalized company and views ongoing client communication as a top priority.  Meeting frequency is generally determined by our clients based on their unique situation.  Whenever we do not meet with clients in person, we are able to talk by phone.  We are also available between reporting periods for any situations or questions that may arise.

7.  Who is the custodian of my assets?

We use an independent firm such as a bank or a brokerage firm to custody all client assets.  The custodian provides safekeeping of assets, accounting of transactions, collection of interest and dividends, issuance of statements, and required tax reporting.  We never take custody of client assets.

8.  Will moving to Harvest be complicated and time-consuming for me?

Not at all.  Harvest manages every aspect of implementing client portfolios.  We prepare all the necessary paperwork – our clients simply review and sign.  In addition to receiving ongoing statements from the custodian, clients also receive quarterly reports from Harvest explaining what is happening in their portfolios.  We handle all of the due diligence and daily oversight to free our clients from the minutia.  We take pride in making our client’s lives less complicated rather than more.  For more information please contact us.

Certified Financial Planner Board

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification is recognized as the standard of excellence for competent and ethical personal financial planning.

Financial Planning Association

Members commit to objective, client-centered, and ethical financial planning.

Financial Times 300

The Financial Times presents the FT 300 as an elite group. This identifies the industry’s best advisers while accounting for the firms’ different approaches and varied specializations.

Paladin Registry

Paladin Registry provides comprehensive data on financial advisors’ credentials, ethics, and business practices.

MD Preferred Financial Advisor

Financial advisors that are uniquely qualified to work with medical professionals.

2014 Five-Star Professional

The Five Star award goes to professionals who provide exceptional service to clients.

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