Our Approach

Investment Philosophy

We are patient, nimble investors, not market timers. We believe that, over time, the price of a stock will rise to reflect the value of the underlying company. Every stock purchase is viewed as if we were buying a piece of a business, not just a stock certificate. We believe that this approach to investing allows for significant investment returns while reducing risk.

Investing is a long-term proposition. Investment decisions based on short-term trends and chasing performance is not an “investment philosophy.” We base our investment decisions on both quantitative and qualitative factors which are long-term in nature.

Asset allocation and diversification are musts. Although it seems counter-intuitive, the most important investment decision we make is not the specific investments we select, it’s your asset allocation—that is, the mix of stocks, bonds, and cash we determine will best help you meet your goals. Being broadly diversified, with exposure to all parts of the stock and bond markets, reduces the amount of risk for your portfolio.

Costs matter. Transaction costs, which are often overlooked, can significantly impact one’s performance over the long-run.  Because we are not compensated on commissions, there is no incentive to trade your account more than necessary.  Additionally, since we make investments for the long-term, our turnover rate is fairly low thereby further reducing the costs to your account.

We invest in high-quality stocks, bonds and mutual funds that hold promise for above-average growth.  We look for the “best of class” growth companies which are reasonably valued.


No one wins when an advisor throws around industry jargon that a client doesn’t understand. Our goal is to educate our clients and develop workable solutions to their financial needs as they arise. We deal with all the underlying complexities of the issues while presenting options to you in clear and understandable terms.


Our clients typically hold a great deal of wealth and, therefore, appreciate and expect an advisor to exercise discretion when handling their financial affairs. This subtlety also applies to collaborating with other specialists with whom our clients do business (attorneys, tax specialists, bankers, etc.).

Technology Forward

The infrastructure needs of a registered investment advisor are substantial and we invest in leading-edge tools to serve our clients in the best manner possible and to positively impact operational performance.

Global Perspective

In regard to comprehensive planning and investment exposure, we take a global position. The domestic market is only one of many viable areas of opportunity for our clients to capitalize upon. In the present economic environment, it is wise to diversify across asset classes and geographies to provide additional growth while reducing portfolio risk.

Certified Financial Planner Board

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification is recognized as the standard of excellence for competent and ethical personal financial planning.

Financial Planning Association

Members commit to objective, client-centered, and ethical financial planning.

Financial Times 300

The Financial Times presents the FT 300 as an elite group. This identifies the industry’s best advisers while accounting for the firms’ different approaches and varied specializations.

Paladin Registry

Paladin Registry provides comprehensive data on financial advisors’ credentials, ethics, and business practices.

MD Preferred Financial Advisor

Financial advisors that are uniquely qualified to work with medical professionals.

2014 Five-Star Professional

The Five Star award goes to professionals who provide exceptional service to clients.

Investor Watchdog

Investor Watchdog researches and monitors high quality advisors.