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Start the conversation.

1. Introductory Phone Call
Schedule a phone call with one of our Wealth Advisors to understand your needs and see how we may be able to help you.  No pressure; we’ll point you toward the best solution for your situation, even if it’s not us.

2. Discovery Meeting
This is where we get to know you and gain a deeper understanding of your priorities, investment portfolio, and hopes for the future. We’ll also show you the benefits of our services and how we are compensated. No question is off limits, so fire away. 

3. Onboarding Meeting
We’ll share our analysis and recommendations and officially join forces with you to put them into action. We give you an overview of what to expect and prepare all the paperwork for you.  

We promise to have an honest, insightful conversation with you.

Harvest Financial Advisors
8897 Cincinnati Dayton Road
West Chester, OH 45069