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Divorce is never easy.

Solutions | Divorce Solutions

Successfully establishing two households from one requires a skillful approach designed to meet today's needs and—even more importantly—your future needs and those of your family.

Harvest has a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® on staff who can serve as:

  • A mediator (see below) to a couple seeking an amicable divorce
  • A neutral party to a couple going through a collaborative divorce
  • An advocate for one party to a divorce

We assist you and your attorney to understand the financial impact and tax ramifications of decisions made during the divorce process.

We collect, organize, and prepare an array of financial information (for you and your attorney), and identify which financial information is most important. It’s a standard practice to plan 20 years into the future to establish a path to a secure retirement.

We help expedite the divorce process, using the family law software which is also used by attorneys and the court system.

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For couples who would like to part amicably, mediation offers a confidential and private way to negotiate a settlement. Because both parties agree to a settlement, they are more likely to stick to their promises long after the divorce is finalized. It also allows parties to maintain peace in their families as they begin their new lives apart. This is especially important if they have children, even if those children are adults.

We advise you on the smartest structure for your settlement so that you both get to keep more of your money. Our pricing is transparent and based on the complexity of your investments.  If additional analysis is needed, such as a business valuation, we will bring in other professionals to help evaluate it.

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