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And The Beat Goes On

Unless you’ve been intentionally trying to avoid the news, you undoubtedly know the markets were on another roller coaster of a week.

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Mickey Wants More Cheese

It’s been a tumultuous week as investors are playing a game of tug-o-war between the momentum that carried us into 2020 and the fear of the potential fallout from the coronavirus.

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Looking to Move?

Stocks had a good week with four of the last five days finishing strongly higher. However, the spectre of the coronavirus is making headlines.

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Banking on Human Nature

The markets gave back some of the gains this week as investors received mixed economic news, and a pandemic scare that seems to repeat every ten years or so.

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Chief of Scooters

The year has gotten off to a good start with low interest rates and market momentum pushing investors to put cash into equities.

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Taco Bell Leads the Way

The Dow Jones Industrial Average topped 29,000 briefly today setting a new high, before pulling back slightly to finish the day just below this new threshold.

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